Building up Bajkom k tajchom

Recently there exists a number of methods how to build up and administrate trails for mountain bikers We use all available sources and keep to recommendations and experience of IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association –, SloMBA (Slovak Mountain bike Association – as well as a number of sources prepared by ČEMBA (Czech Mountainbike Association –

We build up bike trails in coherence with the natural environment, they are approved by the bodies representing the natural environment, the Protected Landscape Area and Forests of the Slovak Republic, state enterprise. Although recent situation is not propitious for building up bike routes – we are not willing to wait for better times and we permanently work on building up bike routes. All activities are implemented voluntarily and financial means at our disposal are invested to material equipment.


When designing bike trails we use our active knowledge of the environment. The bike trails selection and proposal is analyzed in the Geographical Information System (GIS). We design bike trails according to their level, attractiveness and cross-connection.

Surveying itself is carried out only by riding a bike and recording it in GPS/SatNav device. GIS is used as a tool for recording all tracks and landmarks. We use it also for the production of printed material, orientation boards and Internet publishing.


Our picasa page displays all photos taken in our voluntary works. Some of them are also displayed in the web page gallery below.