MT Biker Hodruša-Hámre

Logo klubu
The club MT Biker Hodruša-Hámre is a free association of amateur mountain bikers struck by riding a bike in terrain. Our members do not follow any club regulations and do not have any set condition of club membership. The club members respect the Mountain Bikers Code and put their effort to pass a positive image of mountain cycling in public.
The club was established spontaneously. Its origin dates back to 2007 when its members started to participate in Slovak Mountain Marathons. The club members’ effort was not to promote themselves in bikers’ community but also to represent with dignity the village Hodruša-Hámre. In the early of 2008 the club logo was designed, club sport outfits made which are characterized by their graphics and red color so our members are easily recognized in other bike events and they represent our village in greater extent.