Kopanický - Moderštôlniansky tajch

River-basin: Hron

Kopanický water reservoir also called Moderstôlňa – this was built in 1740 by the Extraction Plant of the Moder shaft in Kopanice for running one pulp-mill under its dyke. Between the two world wars it lost its significance, the Extraction Plant Moder bankrupted in 1902. The dyke was badly damaged by digging made by a local owner between the wars, today it has been restored completely. Its parameters are – its height is 630 m above sea level, its length 140 m, dyke´s width is about 10 m, height 16 m, actual volume is 52.000 m³. A drainage channel behind Domky has one long ditch - 2.914 m long and two shorter counter ditches – reservoir tails.