On the project

Its aim is to build up a net of signed trails for mountain bikers in the region of Hodruša – Hámre and to support tourism development in the whole region.

Environment protection

Bike routes are designed not to harm environment. The tracks are suitably situated into natural environment and use already existing net of forest roads, tracks and paths. The trails do not cross the nature preserve Kašivárová and Kojatín as well. The trails cross the territories of European significance – Hodrušská hornatina /Hodrušská highlands/, Klokoč, Suť and others, otherwise not protected territories in the region of Hodruša-Hámre and Vysoká. The trail users are led to protect the environment via information panels at starting points, via paper printed leaflets with a bike trails map and via our web page promoting the whole project.

Project implementation and financing

The project is implemented by The Municipality of Hodruša – Hámre with a help of bike club members MT Biker Hodruša-Hámre and their friends and volunteers. The project financing is ensured by The Municipality of Hodruša – Hámre from its own sources set in the budget.


Map grounds used in the project are officially bought from the company SHOCart s.r.o., Vizovice, Czech Republic and its owners is The Municipality of Hodruša – Hámre. Any use of map grounds apart from intern use in the process of project approving by related authorities of state bodies, apart from internal use in the registration process by the Slovak Bike Club without an acknowledgement of an copyrights owner is prohibited. Map grounds shall be used only when related to the project and its promotion.

The whole project including information on conditions and features of particular bike trail apart from map grounds is a subject of intellectual property of MT Biker Hodruša-Hámre members, Ján Úrek and Peter Nemec. The project information shall be used only in relation with the project „To Tajchs by Bikes“ and its promotion.

Text copyright and bibliography

Texts on water reservoir, technical mining sights, sacral sights, and historical sites, protected and interesting trees have been written and provided to the project by Ivan Karsten. The web page introduces a complete bibliography.


Panorama photos used on the cover as well as the photos of water reservoir, technical mining sights, sacral sights, and historical cultural sights, protected and interesting trees have been made for the project by Ivan Karsten.

Other photos used in the web page are the property of MT Biker Hodruša-Hámre Club members and our friends.

The creation and description of the project logo Bajkom k tajchom

When creating the project of bike routes Bajkom k tajchom I and Peter spent a lot of time thinking and discussing the project logo design which would reflect our joy from cycling in beautiful environment connected with revealing the region history and respecting rules of movement and nature protection in the Štiavnické Mountains, where a typical region symbol – „tajch“ (water reservoir) would fit. Brother Peter Úrek put all our ideas together and the result is a simple and unique logo of Bajkom k tajchom.

The symbol is borrowed from IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) s ich povolením. A magic word RIDE)is hidden behind the symbol but it has also a wider significance in our logo. It should evoke the joy from cycling in the beautiful environment considering the safety of cycling in terrain.

The symbol of a bike wheel characterizes cycle-trekking related also to revealing rich history of the mining region which is awaiting for a visitor everywhere and to admiring beauties of the Štiavnické Mountains natural environment and its landmarks.

The symbol includes also TAJCH – a water reservoir with its irreplaceable damp valve device – MNÍCH situated right on a dyke of each water reservoir. Water reservoirs along with the unique system of mining ditches are spread all over the region. The water reservoirs were artificially made in order to cumulate water from ingeniously created mining ditches. The water from reservoirs was used to run mining devices and pumping machines in the past and today they are used for relax.

The symbol is borrowed from IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) with their permit. It symbolizes the word RESPECT. Warns mountain bikers riding in trails of the Bajkom k tajchom project to follow the rules of behavior in the natural environment and safety rules included in a mountain biker code.