Mountain biker code

All bike trails are passable in both ways. Remember certain managment activities are in progress in forests. Respect orders
and instructions of the forest workers. The conditions in  forests and bike trails might be changed in a day.
Follow current informations about negotiability of the cycling routes on the web page
You ride in trails at your own risk and you are liable for indemnities in health and property.
The manager of bike trails "Bajkom k tajchom" is not liable for indemnities in health and property.

1. Ride only on permitted trails.
If a track is marked as trespass prohibited, avoid it.
2. Don ´t leaves traces.
Respect the trail and do not to damage it. Use only existing tracks, don´t make new ones. Don´t skid. Don´t leave rubbish.
3. Control your bike.
Ride to be able to avoid others and keep yourself safe. You can meet somebody anywhere, don´t overestimate your technical and physical ability.
4. Give way to others.
Use a bell or greeting when approaching others. Slow down when passing by, if necessary, stop. Be friendly and helpful.
5. Respect animals, plants and property.
Don´t disturb animals and provide them with space to escape. Don´t damage plants. Don´t damage natural sites and private property. Close the gates. Don´t damage agriculture cultures, particularly before harvest.
6. Act with forethought.
Ride with such equipment to be self-reliant. Foresee dangerous situations and weather changes. Use a helmet and reflexive items on clothes and a bike.